This is the end of the old Harleys as we’ve known them. Last year we saw the demise of the Dyna and true Softail frames. We now hail the new so-called Softails for the Milwaukee-Eight engine. The new Softail is better in every way than its predecessors.

Unfortunately, with the new Softail both the Dyna and Softail names were lumped together much to the chagrin of many devoted Dyna riders. I hope that Harley doesn’t upset hardcore Sportster lovers with the release of the new mid-sized Harleys. That said, once anyone has ridden the new Softails they will never go back to the waddle and scrape while trying to keep up with the truly new Softails. No matter where the parts are made or assembled.

Now, the oldest frame left in the Harley lineup is the 10 year-old Touring bikes which should be replaced in 2020 or 21. In the interest of performance and economy I predict the new frame will be an heavy duty single shock unit that is easier to manufacture and more rigid, like the Softail of last year.

The Motor Company celebrated their 115th Anniversary in July in Prague and now comes the Anniversary in Milwaukee. Prague and Harley Europe did themselves proud with the party they threw for 110,000 Harley fanatics kicking off with The Rolling Stones concert and culminating with the 5000 bike Harley Parade through the Old Town much to the delight of the entire population. Let me tell you, Prague is a town of over a million people that rocks and puts on a show like no other. There were Harley riders from 77 countries and even tariff photo-bombers from China and Russia. No-one cared where their Harleys were made, they just wanted to ride them. I’ll be posting my favourite photos from Prague on the HEAV Y DUTY Facebook page and, as always, the links at


Next up was the Sturgis Rally and Races. If you missed Sturgis this year then get on the bandwagon for next year at


For the lucky Harley dealer principals and staff, they will be the first “outsiders” to see the new MY2019s at the Dealer Meeting in San Diego, California on 21 August. But let me share with you a little trick.

A lot of dealers’ photos and videos will be posted live on Facebook before, during and after the meeting. So how do you find all these dealers and their posts? Simple. From your Facebook page at the top there is an “f Search” window where you search only on Facebook; not the web browser window.

Now just type in and enter “harley summer dealer meeting San Diego 2019” or simpler “Harley summer dealer meeting.”

Play around with the search words and as the hour gets closer you will see what everyone is doing in San Diego.

Best thing is to wait till the 22nd in Australia and then you will get lots of photos, better than the catalogues that come out later. Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson is just up the road from the meeting and to me Matt is the all time best. Now I guess I’ve lost my job at HD since everyone knows my tricks.

160_Prague sunset.jpg


If you missed Prague, then you better get on an airplane and head straight to Milwaukee!

Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee will be the party to beat all the Harley rallies you’ve ever been to.

If Guns N’ Roses isn’t the band (among dozens), then Harley has a lot of t-shirts to sell at discount. Go to for everything about the Milwaukee celebrations.

There are seven dealers that each will be having a huge party. There is the Harley Headquarters, Museum and engine plant; each requiring a day to see. I’ll keep it simple, look at for all the links or Google “Harley 115th anniversary” for all the events and dealers.

Another easy link is


At Prague’s 115th Celebration, Bill Davidson was very tight lipped about all but one of the new Harleys coming down the pipeline in the next year. That one was the new Harley electric bike.

He’s quoted as saying, “It is absolutely phenomenal and a Harley through and through.”

Be it coined the Revelation, LiveWire 2 or just plane ole Sparky, I’ve put my deposit down for the first one in Australia. Simply, if it’s as good looking as the LiveWire then it is the city bike for me while I keep my Street Glide Special ready for the long hauls.

160_LiveWire Bigger.jpg