Had a fantastic time. Great tour. The roads and scenery are unreal. The best ride ever! Well done HEAVY DUTY.
— Dean
The best organised tour I have been on. Well worth the money as there is plenty of value for what you pay. How many people get to see the Enola Gay hanger or Paughco’s workshop and Ron’s bike collection. The explanations undersold the tour and was much better than I could have expected. I would like to have had a day or so in San Francisco to visit things like Alcatraz, but didn’t miss it as the tour was pretty full on. I would recommend this tour to friends/collegues in a heart beat!
— Chops
For me, the tour was once in a lifetime experience, I made some good friends on the tour, enjoyed the company of the other riders, experienced scenery and sights I would not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise. The accommodation was good. The overnight stops always interesting and entertaining. In fact I haven’t stopped talking about how great it was! A big thank you to the HDMT team for making the tour/ride a pleasure. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for you, and I would not hesitate to join you for another tour in the future. I have already recommended this tour to friends. As you may recall a mate of ours did another tour which was a disaster and wasn’t structured at all compared to the HEAVY DUTY tour, nor did it offer anywhere near the attractions the HEAVY DUTY tour did. He came away very disappointed. The HEAVY DUTY tour was more than I expected.
— Pete
The trip was far more than I expected. It was the trip of a life time and will highly recommend to others. The tour was well researched and put together. HEAVY DUTY Motorcycle Tours ran a very professional operation and took us places we did not expect. The tour went from strength to strength and every time we thought we had seen the best, around the next bend was something better. Outstanding efforts by all involved, can’t thank you enough and will certainly try and do another tour some time in the future. Came away with not only some great experiences, but great friends. This tour was the best holiday of my life and I would not change a thing (except take bourbon to Utah) ha ha!
— Gadget
Thank you so much for making my trip to the US so enjoyable. You guys made the entire journey so easy. I was a little apprehensive initially on joining a bunch of people I had never met and spending two weeks of my life with them. As you probably gathered, I usually do most things on my own and to suit myself, I don’t just follow the pack. You guys changed my attitude in regard to organised tours. Would you recommend this Tour to my friends or collegues? Absoflaminlutely, in fact I already have. The tour was even better organised than expected. The tour met and exceeded my expectations. Thanks again, it’s been my absolute pleasure meeting you guys.
— De Hosson
What I saw kept me going. Everything was exceptional. I would not drop anything from the tour. It was more than I expected. I would recommend this tour to my friends and collegues.
— Shilcock
The HEAVY DUTY tour was better than I expected. I definitely would recommend this tour to friends. HDMT were absolutely fantastic, they were the difference between us having a good trip to a fantastic trip. There was not one problem anyone on the trip had that couldn’t be helped with, I really appreciated the effort put in, I know it’s not easy to keep it all together for a month but the HDMT team did without the slightest bit of fuss, great job, WELL DONE.
— Henry
The Tour was everything I expected and more. Everything was explained. No nasty surprises or additional expenses. The only way anything more could be added to the tour is to squeeze more hours into each day or add more days to the tour, the tour gives you a pretty good idea of places you would like to revisit. Would I recommend this tour to my friends? Most definitely!
— Brian Kerr