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• See told ya. One size does fit all.

• I ordered a Wide Arse M8 and this is what turned up.

• They call him Smuggler cause he’s always got a coupla kilos of crack in his pants!

• Watch out for those cracks on the road, they’re huge!

• That water I rode through shrunk everything … well almost everything.

• When it comes to putting on pants, Barry often does a half-arse job. But at least he wears a hi-vis vest so other motorists will notice him.

• Gavin hoped getting a motorcycle would get him a girlfriend. Here he is showing the car behind him his date.

• Harley’s frame and rear suspension field test …

• Does this bike make my butt look big?

• Young Billy thought he’d give motorcycling a crack.

• Tradie smile and Hi-Viz!

• He no longer uses a foot brake, he now sits on the rear mudguard!

• Tons of Anarchy.

• Bikie laws had made it difficult for Dave to wear his colours out in public and he was beginning to crack.

• Obviously not belt driven!

• One hard throttle twist and that’s a whole new meaning to the term ring stinger.

• I’ve been riding the pants off this chopper!

• I just need a little push to get me started … Anyone?

• Now, where’s that pillion gone?

• I don’t understand it, every time I get over 80kph I hear a whistling noise behind me …

• Didn’t this thing come with a seat?

• I eat Harleys for breakfast and shit these in the afternoon.

• Newest member of the Half Moon Motorcycle Club.

• For the love of God, I hope that’s not a kickstart!

• This bike literally hauls arse!

• The new Harley Hybrid, the 2020 FAT-TAIL!

• For Sale, just a crack in the rear.


And this issue's winner is:

• He’s showing plenty of guts and having a fair crack!

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