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• I told the wife that I either want a motorbike or a steam train for Christmas! 

• Chugga chugga chugga… 

• Throw in a couple of tea bags and you have Puffing Billy!

• Robert De Niro riding Puffing Billy.

• New Zealand’s 2019 model Harley-Davidson out for its first test run!

• Kettle’s on. Milk and sugar?

• And I get 100 miles to the gallon…

• HDMC’s New Zero Emissions Steam Glide.

• C’mon, c’mon, let’s do the Locomotion!

• A vintage Harley 1831 model Night Train.

• The best way to blow off some steam is to go for a ride!

• This thing handles like it’s on rails!

• That guy’s got a one-tracked mind.

• Steamin’ Eagle Fatboy.

• First there was LiveWire, then this. What’s next? Hydro-Electric?

• Not a machine for Millenials. The warm-up time is horrendous.

• If James Watt was one of the founding fathers, the Night Train would have looked very different!

• That bloke’s off the rails.

• It also gives me an decent income on the side making cappuccinos.

• I think I can… I think I can…

• Nice ride in the Winter!

• Torque = 5000 ft lbs! 

• Won’t go when its cold, but when it’s hot it’s smokin’!

• Anyone got a light?

• Solution on ending petrol dependency.

• Don’t look at the mantlepiece while you’re stoking the fire!

• Once I learn how to steer this thing I’ll be seeing you later.

• The 2020 Harley-Davidson Night Train…

• Talk about torque! She pulls like a train!

• Roasted Nuts.

• Where the hell did that rail line go!?

• When I get this thing wound up, it’ll huff and it’ll puff, and blow ya bloody doors in!



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• Thomas the Tank Engine – The Meth Years.

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