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  • Dog relieved after farmer said, “Ewe’s next …”
  • Shear madness.
  • Aaawww, I thought a dog was man’s best friend …
  • Hope the sheepdog got a redundancy package.
  • Looks like he’s feeling a bit under the weather.
  • Lambs wool seat covers. Aussie edition.
  • New Zealand, not Australia. Definitely New Zealand.
  • Taking Barrr Braaa on a ride through the countryside.
  • “Out of the way, Rex”, Dolly and I are late for the dance!
  • He can’t be a NZ farmer – he isn’t wearing gumboots!
  • Some honeymoon!
  • Click go the gears boys … click, click, click.
  • Without gumboots, where’s he got the sheep’s back legs?
  • This new sheep wool tank cover is a bit bulky.
  • This new ram off-road don’t go too bad!
  • True love!
  • Does she really like motorbikes, or is she just pretending so he’ll marry her?
  • Has this particular airbag design been crash-tested?• See, you can teach an old sheep new tricks.
  • I knew ewe guys would pick me up from the pub.
  • Going to Prom Night at Oodnadatta.
  • Aussie version! Going to the Deb Ball at Oodnadatta.
  • Why don’t Kiwis stay in their own country and leave our women alone!
  • Outback Über …
  • She dines with me at restaurants too …
  • Banjo’s Motorcycle School for Sheep.
  • Pissed Again? Maa sheep’s taken me home, Officer.
  • Mate, trade up to a Harley and you might get a real woman.
  • Seat cover fail: The sheepskin is supposed to go under your ass!
  • LAMbs approved!
  • Taking the Missus for a Sunday ride in NZ.

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