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• Deano’s bucks night was a riot, but his groomsmen were not quite ready in time for the wedding!

• We drew the line at riding in thongs.

• We forgot our kilts!

• Always ready for wet weather, we can dry off after riding through a thunderstorm.

• Not so Hot Potato Wiggles.

• The Terry Towelling MC – wearing their colours!

• What happens when the law bans bikers wearing their colours? They get creative!

• Who needs tatts to look tough!?

• No pants and no plates.

• The topless bike wash was not attracting much business.

• I’m too sexy for my leathers.

• When you spend every last cent on ya dream bike. Clothing ain’t a option.

• I was promised a leather patch, not Egyptian cotton!

• Can’t believe those bitches stole our clothes, but that won’t stop us riding!

• What in the cousin-lovin’ hell is going on here?!

• Riding cleanses you of your worries.

• We were dirty and mean, now mighty clean!

• We towel ya if ya come our way.

• I’m going for a shower, honey. Next minute, gone riding…

• You can’t throw in the towel if you don’t have one.

• So you’re going to hang us out to dry? We’ll dress for the occasion then!

• Misunderstood the criteria for Stripped Dresser.

• Introducing Dragon Togas – kevlar equipped for your protection.

• Big black Harley: check. Leather gloves: check. Leather boots: check. Now where’s me bottomless chaps?

• The new crossover episode of Vikings and Sons of Anarchy looks kinda low budget.

• Freshly showered bikers! There’s something new!

• Thats it fellas, we have all showered, so they can’t call us dirty bikers anymore.

• The Half Monty.

• Tank slapper!

• Who said you can’t take Harleys through a car wash!?



And this issue's winner is:

• They may take our trousers, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!

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