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• Yes honey, Mummy does have the power between her legs.

• Now remember, don’t misbehave at the Show ’n’ Shine. That includes you, Dolly.

• Must be a baby Trump photo, “Best Pram ever!”

• Young Bill Harley takes his first prototype for a spin.

• 2019 Livewire Tourer Testing first pic!

• Do the vehicle and nurse come in sunset red colour option?

• Nanny where’s the seat gone?

• So, H-D reckon electric bikes are the future, eh? CVO tourer?

• The new model Nanny Glide just didn’t make the cut

• Golliwog in back spooked by the vicious acceleration, or did baby let one rip?

• Does the apron keep the dirty water from those fast-spinning front wheels off her dress?

• Strange the golliwog is the only one who has eyes for the road. And he looks scared!

• Mum, when I said we could go riding together, you could have bought your own bike and left mine alone.

• The mother of the leading link front-end.

• This year’s model comes with a wind deflector.

• Needed the baby to counter weight the front-end speed wobbles.

• Johnny was bought up on obnoxious noise, fuel fumes and high speed.

• Stop Mum! I am shitting myself!

• Front cars never became as popular as sidecars, too many wheels, probably.

• Golliwogs and ape-hangers somehow don’t go together.

• Mum, you’re embarrassing me. Could we not just go on dad’s bike?

• Young Evel, inspired by his mum, Mrs Knievel.

• Ah the good old days! When Golliwogs were not racist and motorising the stroller was the norm?

And the winner is:

• Introducing the new 1909 Pram-glide Limited.

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