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• Indians latest rival, John Deer introduces the all new Farm Master.

• Are there that many 4WD family vehicles on the road now that this is the only way to see around them?

• Position vacant: Head Rest, er … I man pillion passenger required. Only buxom ladies need apply!

• No excuses to leave me home now darling.

• The mean green machine!

• Doesn’t get any cooler that this – that's what Shazza and Dazza think anyway ...

• Nah luv your bum don’t look too big on my bike.

• Is that pillion seat finally comfy enough for you love?

• All round good ride (possibly not PC)

• Her tatts insured?

• Altitude sickness pills are good gear.

• Adds a whole meaning to “Up” for adventure.

• She ain’t got gas or grass ... yehaaaaa!

• Yep! That’s my hoggley furgason alright!

• Okay love, just lean forward a little more – we don’t want the front end rising.

• Wait till you see the toilet …

• If you got boobs and ass I can bale your grass and the first ride is free.

• Does my ass look big in this?

• Okay love, now if we just lean forward to stop the front from popping up ...

• She didn’t fit on my Sportster pillion seat so I built this one for you.

• Fat bottom girls rock!

• On our way to Harley Days! Can’t wait for the Thunder Ride!



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 • When cousins marry and build motorcycles …

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